Research Projects

The first major task SSASR has undertaken is to initiate research in “Ultra-weak Photon Emissions” (UPE) which has relevance to healthcare related research and potential for understanding the human life as a system.

The two projects that have been approved and supported currently are:

  1. The study of plants behaviour using Ultra-weak Photon Emissions.
  2. Building a “Thought-to-Speech” system using Ultra-weak Photon Emissions.

The aim of the first project is to study how plants behave to different stimuli. A detailed study and analysis of UPE patterns given out by a plant or plants subjected to a variety of stimuli is at the heart of this project.

The ultimate goal of the second project is to build a communication system for Completely-Locked-In-State (CLIS) patients as well as people in coma. This is on the lines of Brain Computer Interface (BCI) systems but uses UPE signals instead of electrical signals.